UBIQCOM Fiber Optic Splicing Machine

Splicing Machine

Fiber Optic Splicing Machine
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Splicing Machine for Smooth Joining of Fiber Optic cables.

Fusion Splicing is the method of heat application to join two cables and fuse them permanently. The splicing machine is the latest technology that is used to connect two fiber-optic cables end-to-end with a high degree of precision to not let the light pass or scatter by the splice. The splicing machine intact the passing of optical signals.

UBIQCOM guarantees unwavering quality and best-in-class friendly support for splicing machine that includes 4 and 6 motor splicing machines. We are the leading manufacturer and provider of fusion splicers all over India at very affordable prices.

Clad to Clad 4 Motor Splicing


Clad to Clad 4 Motor Splicing

Packed with detachable 5200mAh battery, more than 250 times of splicing and heating: high-power LED white light simplifies your work at night.

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Core to Core 6 Motor Splicing


Core to Core 6 Motor Splicing

5 Inch HD screen, 380X/190X magnification,5200mAh battery capacity, 250 times splice & heat cycles, Electrodes life: 6000 times

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