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Why Is Innovation Indispensable At UBIQCOM?

Today's service providers face drastic changes in their business environment, and while they have been attempting to make their operations leaner, the mechanics of doing business have altered over time, resulting in business model alterations. Networking is rapidly evolving from traditional ISPs to fiber connectivity and broadband. It is why UBIQCOM has engaged in a continuous process of innovating the new FTTH technologies and solutions with a stronger focus on the residence and enterprises.

Traditional services would now account for around 38% of overall revenue, with the focus shifting to next-generation services such as FTTH. Every new wave of innovation offers the chance to recalibrate strategy. Now and then, the new developments take place at UBIQCOM under the stern guidance of adept professionals now and then to retain its market share.

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FTTH solution Provider

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FTTH solution Provider in noida

Satisfied Customers

We cherish a huge base of satisfied customers who acknowledge our products and solutions for their cost-effectiveness and durability. Try it to know it.

FTTH solution Provider in noida

Seamless Collaborations

UBIQCOM has conducted seamless meetings and collaborations with the industry experts who joined our hands in alleviating the communication challenges with the world-grade products.

FTTH solution Provider in noida

Adept Professionals

Supported by a team of adept and experienced professionals who are ready to take all the challenges of future innovation and deliver the nest for you.

FTTH solution Provider in noida

Vast Experience

We have more than a decade of experience in serving different verticals of society with the most relevant and meaningful solutions to support their processes.

Our Solutions

Every sector and industries have their unique and varied requirements, so, we know exactly how to hit the nail on the head. Check below:

Residential solution


The residential interest in accessing high-speed Internet and enhanced broadband has exploded in the past few years. The present narrowband Internet infrastructure using Dial-up through PSTN can be annoyingly too slow. Hence, we provide "always-up" high-speed Internet access through our HTTP solutions to residential consumers.

industrial solution


Industries are focusing on increasing broadband deployment to the growth areas that are conventionally underserved or not served at all. Their great focus is on the adoption and utilization of the high-speed broadband Infrastructure through fiber. UBIQCOM is helping the industries with the networking solutions they are looking for.

commerial solutions


The need for a high-broadband Internet connection is crucial for your business, especially when your day-to-day operations are based on the cloud-access. Our fiber connectivity solutions tailored specifically for the commercial sector can provide them with increased features, enhanced security, and unlimited support.