VoIP FXS and FXO gateway

Increase the interaction of internet with FXS and FXO gateway

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Introduce FXS and FXO gateways

The FXO stands for Foreign exchange office that works as an interface to connect your POTS with VoIP adapter. It is one of the mediums that help in connecting the device outside the telephone line. That is what “O” from FXO depends on. There are a lot of brands that use the FXO and FXS gateways to help in boosting their internet services. So, if you too want to do some good in terms of connection, you can simply get that with the help of FXS and FXO. To know more about this you can connect with our experts. They can help you in knowing the right place for these gateways in your ecosystem.

2 PORT FXS gateway

FXS Gateway

2 Ports FXS Analog VoIP Gateway

To eliminate all the noise in your internet connection you need a boosting cable. Get the best FXS setter.

4 PORT VoIP FXS gateway

FXS Gateway

4 Ports FXS Analog VoIP Gateway

When you start using more internet, there are a few reasons why the speed slows down. If you don't want that, use UB404S.

16 PORT FXO gateway

UB40-16O FXO
FXO Gateway

16 Ports FXO Analog VoIP Gateway

Let the number of people using the same connection not deprive you of the speed you wanted. Use the UB40160 device to overcome this problem.

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