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Best Single Band Wi-Fi ONU in Mumbai

Single-band Wi-Fi ONU wholesale provider in Mumbai Maharashtra

Single-band Wi-Fi is equipment that enables us to enjoy high-speed internet with the modern features that allow it to connect with all modern devices that support internet connection. Once you connect the XPON ONU to the system you will land yourself in enormous joy by enjoying high-speed data speed that let you browse or download your favorite content. UBIQCOM is the best XPON-ONU dealer in Mumbai, Maharashtra that is providing excellent FTTH products in the Delhi-NCR region with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

UBIQCOM has a stock of all modern devices based on XPON ONU technology that is able to provide the connection for all modern devices and other related tools. Using XPON ONU as your connection to the internet gives you a soothing experience of high-speed broadband data. The XPON is created with the latest technology to serve the latest requirement of high-speed internet with modern features to connect all internet-compatible devices. When you start using XPON you will amaze by the speed and have much more features to enjoy.

UBIQCOM has a large stock of high-quality FTTH products that makes this company a leader in Fiber the home products at a very affordable price. We have our own manufacturing unit and expertise to manufacture high-quality products. UBIQCOM is the provider of Single-band Wi-Fi ONU in Mumbai covering all of Maharashtra and nearby states with a high degree of service and support quality.

UB5010 GW Dual-Mode 1GE + WIFI XPON ONU

UB5010 GW

1*10/100/1000M auto-negotiation

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UB5020 GW Dual-Mode 1GE + 1FE + WIFI XPON ONU

UB5020 GW
1GE + 1FE + WIFI

1*10/100/1000M and 1*10/100M auto-negotiation

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UB5021 GVW

2*10/100/1000M auto-negotiation

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