Ubiqcom PRI Gateway

Trunk / PRI Gateway

High Density E1 / T1 PRI (Primary Rate Interface) VoIP Gateway

Trunk/PRI Gateway is a strong answer for arising endeavors and UBIQCOM comprehends this reality quite well. PRI systems can without a doubt be named as unrest in the realm of interchanges. PRI or Primary Rate Interface permits your old conventional telephone lines to convey voice, information, video, and so forth effectively. Also, while utilizing the Trunk or PRI Gateways, you can send or receive multiple calls at a time.

Trunk Gateways

PRI Gateway

Up to 60 simultaneous calls

UB1000 series E1/T1 Digital VoIP Gateways with 1/2 ports E1/T1 is a compact and cost-effective trunk gateway designed to interconnect between PSTN and IP networks.

SIP to PRI Gateway

PRI Gateway

Up to 480 simultaneous calls

UB2000B is a High Availability (HA) carrier-grade digital VoIP gateway equipped with redundant MCUs and redundant power supplies, scalable from 4 to 16 ports E1/T1.

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