4 Motor Splicing Machine

4 Motor Splicing Machine

4 Motor Splicing


Clad to Clad 4 Motor Splicing

Fusion splicing is a new age technology to join two fiber optics cables together with the application of heat. A fusion splicer machine will make grafting of cables easy and precise by arranging fibers in perfect shape to fix them. The joining of broken fiber cable is arranged in such a way that the machine precisely detects the position, and adjusts the perfect matching of optic cable to meld them perfectly.
UBIQCOM clad to clad 4 motor fusion splice machine sets excellent standards for optic fiber connection technology.



UB5404-CL Clad to Clad 4 motor splicing machine offers many features that make it more user friendly and easy to use due to its features that as auto splice mode, V-Groove cladding alignment, high quality, and low-loss, high-quality LCD touch screen that provides 500X magnification for clear visible through bare eyes, it is packed with 5200 mah to function it for long hours.
The UBIQCOM splicing machine makes sure the connecting point of optic fiber cable guarantees less light is dissipated and reflects the perfect signal via joined cable. UBIQCOM is a leading manufacturer of clad to clad 4 motor splicing machine and is the leader in providing the best-in-class fusion splicer machine in whole India at the best price. UBIQCOM has various range of splicer machines.
The machine hosts all-new enhanced features developed to process faster splice cycles with higher precision. The better cleaver makes 10000 cuts at a single angle of the blade. This new feature improves the cycle of cutting the fiber and it also results in less splice loss in welding process.

UBIQCOM Splicing has many excellent features that make this product more reliable and effective in this competitive age where everyone is going online and every internet service provider needs FFTH products or their repairing devices to function properly.

Product Features

  • Auto splice mode manifest user-friendly design.
  • V-Groove cladding alignment, high quality and low loss.
  • Dust-proof, waterproof, high temperature resistance, adapting to various altitude and formidable natural conditions.
  • 5-inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen,
  • 500 X magnifications, visible clearly with bare eyes.
  • Packed with detachable 5200mAh battery,
  • 250 times of splicing and heating: high-power LED white light simplifies your work at night.

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