Data Centers

UBIQCOM offers cutting-edge data center products you need today and in the upcoming years. Data centers require dependable, high-bandwidth components that help to protect the physical backbone of your network. As data centers are making a transition to fiber-based networks, UBIQCOM is ready to help them with optical fiber, fiber optic cable, and optical connection.

UBIQCOM's Data Center Solutions

The data center is the backbone of your business operations. UBIQCOM has an end-to-end solution to support your growing network, regardless of how or where you deploy your infrastructure. UBIQCOM offers the knowledge to maximize the performance and efficiency of your data center, thanks to its vertically integrated operations. UBIQCOM, an eminent name in offering fiber optic cabling and communication technologies, can assist your network infrastructure in achieving modularity, density, and design flexibility. UBIQCOM can provide every component of the data centers, ensuring quality, dependability, and performance.

Overcoming the Challenges Of The Increased Fiber Connections

With the rising use of fiber cable with a rise in fiber connections, more data center fiber is delivered to satisfy technology demands. Many major data centers today have tens of thousands of fiber connections. As the number of fiber connections grows, efficient fiber management and utilization of all available ports becomes increasingly important. It ensures data center uptime and reliable maintenance. Otherwise, things can become messy in no time.

UBIQCOM offers a comprehensive range of fiber deployment solutions to the data centers that can address and resolve the challenges of the increased fiber connection requirements. Besides, it also guides you in choosing the based solutions based on your specific requirements. For instance, what solution will suit you the best; is it single-mode, multimode, or combination. Besides, many customers ask us for solutions that fit their budget without compromising performance; we satisfy them with the relevant solutions. Besides, UBIQCOM data center solutions are scalable, so you can grow your business without worrying about your fiber network infrastructure.

How do Data Centers work?

Data centers are places where data is stored and distributed across the Internet. There is a lot of data in data centers. It's easy to understand but difficult to fathom how much data is transmitted and downloaded every second on the Internet, with about two billion users accessing all of these websites, including an increasing amount of high-bandwidth video.

A data center's major functions are to concentrate and consolidate information technology (IT) resources, house network activities, facilitate e-business, and provide mission-critical data processing operations with uninterrupted service. Yes, before it grew to fill entire buildings, it was known as the computer room! Data centers are an integral part of several business networks; a commercial firm that hosts services for others or a co-location facility where users can put their own equipment and connect to service providers through the building's connections.

Tall racks of equipment are surrounded by cable racks in data centers. Power cables and cooling equipment are also included. Data is normally saved on large, fast hard drives, while solid-state devices are becoming more popular. Servers are computers that accept requests and send data to the appropriate hard discs utilizing rapid switches.

Routers are the devices that connect the servers to the Internet. The need for speed is critical. Servers are extremely fast computers that are designed to find and move data. Hard discs, switches, and routers are all chosen for their speed. The fastest methods are used for interconnection. Lower latency, or the time it takes to identify and transfer data to the requester, equals faster speed.

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