Fiber Optics utilize pulses of light at varying wavelengths to transmit data across strands of glass over very long distances without the need for re-transmission or amplification.

With our current internet service, your computer sends and receives data using a modem, which communicates back and forth with our head end, from there it goes out to the rest of the internet. With a FTTH network, your computer is able to communicate directly with our head end, offering a faster, more reliable connection.

A standard wireless router will connect directly to our equipment and allow you to connect with your laptop, phone and tablets. If your current internet is wireless you likely won't need to buy anything.

We will be able to offer speeds that are substantially faster than our current modem service. Speed will also be much more consistent since each customer has a direct connection to our head end. In addition, because of the simple nature of a fiber optic network, the service will be much more reliable.

In the access network, Passive Optical Network(PON) is the best transmission medium to realize triple-play and solve the “last mile” of the information highway. EPON and GPON are the most prevailing and mature access network standard in the PON network. EPON, a kind of mainstream broadband access technology based on IEEE 802.3ah standard, realizes the integrated service access of data, voice, and video through a single optical access system, being economical. As for GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), it is the latest generation of broadband access technology based on ITU -TG.984.x standard. GPON is regarded by most operators as the ideal technology to realize broadband and integrated transformation of access network services because of its high bandwidth, high efficiency, extensive coverage, rich user interface, and so on. Therefore, communications equipment manufacturers have developed products that compatible with both EPON and GPON standards, commonly known as xPON.

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Fiber to the home networks are now available to nearly one-fifth of North American households, with more than seven million of them connected and receiving Internet, voice and/or television service via FTTH.

The FTTH Council’s most recent estimate is that that there are now 170,000 North American households receiving FTTH service with connection speeds of at least 100 megabits per second, and a total of 347,000 receiving 50 Mbps service.

The greatest benefit of FTTH is the amount of information and services that can be provided over a single connection. Additionally, the technology offers great Internet speed and crystal clear connections.

We will install a new optical network termination (ONT) device on your home. The device will need to be placed near an electrical outlet, which will act as its power source. We are also required to install a battery backup unit to keep telephone service operational in case of a commercial power outage. The amount of electricity used by the ONT device is extremely small and not noticeable.