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UBIQCOM's fiber engineers are well-versed in rendering the FTTH configuration services to the premises, buildings, home, and other nodal points. Supported by industry-compliant tools and practices, the deployment services are completed with the utmost professionalism. The experts ensure that no disruption is caused when configuring the FTTH broadband devices at your premises. Besides, you can see the experts doing it without any hassle to prevent any mishaps.

Disruption Free Configuration By Experienced Professionals

Fiber optic networks have grown swiftly, and we are engaged in building various fiber configurations depending on the application. It is FTTX compatible. On the user side, 'X' denotes the final terminating point. 'X' can be a house, a building, a curb, or a node. There are various terminologies for fiber optic deployment setups based on this.

The OLT and ONU are the two primary components of a fiber optical network. On the telecom service provider's side, the OLT (Optical Line Terminal) is located. The user's ONU (Optical Network Unit) is located at the user's location. The user's premises are equipped with a modem that translates optical signals to electrical signals and vice versa in this FTTH arrangement. The user's computer connects to the network through an ethernet card.

Our primary deployment consideration is to decide on FTTH architecture. Architectures are divided into two groups. Optical networks have two major types: active optical networks (AON) and passive optical networks (PON) (PON). At UBIQCOM, every minutiae detail is kept into consideration so that you can utilize the broadband without any technical hurdle or unease.

  • Hassle-free executions
  • Experienced configuration engineers
  • Compliant to the industry standards
  • No disruption to your premises
  • High-levels of professionalism
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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