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Media Converter

Helps in centralizing your entire network system

Helps in converting media files at ease

How convenient things become when you get a device that can convert dissimilar media types for you? Yes, this media converter is exactly a product that can help you in connecting two non-similar media types including fiber optic cables and twisted pairs. Although this was introduced back in the 1990s, people use it to interconnect media types. Mostly used in MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) this device helps in data transportation and allows access to enterprise customers. Not only it offers convenience but a lot of other advantages as well.

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Single Fiber

Get the best media converter for your business so that you can convert things quickly increasing the business speed.

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ubiqcom media converter

Dual Fiber

When it comes to converting media be it the audio or video, this converter is going to be much of help in everything. Try the product for more!

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