Business Grade IP Phone

2 SIP Accounts, 2 Line keys, backlight

UBIQCOM UB600P is based on high innovative SIP technology, which is ideal for all kinds of business communication. It integrates with 132x64-pixel graphical LCD, elegant and intuitive user interface, which indicate you can enjoy good user experience.

Searching for a cost-effective, robust and efficient IP phone? Fast-growing companies need the best solution for communication needs and IP phones are a boon in providing seamless best communication channels. Business IP phones are the best device to keep the communication flow intact and let the user do multi-tasking while on the call. Clear voice, easy accessibility and easy deployment make IP Phone a must-have device to fulfil communication needs.



The Ubiqcom UB600P is a powerful IP Phone that provides businesses with the best solution for all communication needs. IP Phones are made to use in hotels, hospitals, malls, receptions and retail outlets that share high call volume. The device comes with the latest features including 132x64 pixel graphic LCD high definition voice, 5-way conference lines, 2-SIP accounts, and 2-line keys. Provides Full Compatibility with 3CX, Asterisk, Yeastar, Xorcom, and VoIP.ms, Broadsoft, Free SWITCH Platform etc.

IP phone comes with all features that give unprecedented control of your business communication from a desk. The latest features in phones provide a secure, fast and uninterrupted communication experience with high-quality devices designed by Ubiqcom. Enjoy a customized and optimized IP Phone that is made to cater for your all communication needs at your fingertips. User-intuitive, easy interface and minimal settings provide the feature-rich device with all functions that make your user experience great.

Product Features

  • 2 SIP Accounts
  • Dual‐port 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • Software upgrade via web
  • 132x64 pixel graphic LCD with backlight
  • 2xRJ45 10/100M Ethernet Ports
  • Configuration backup/restore
  • Speed Dialing, Hotline
  • Redial, Call Return
  • Call hold, Call mute, DND mode
  • Auto-redial, Auto-answer

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